La Cruz Shops & Art Galleries

Part of what makes the La Cruz shopping experience so enjoyable is that the shops are scattered throughout town and along the beaches so everything is easily accessible, whether walking through the community or strolling along the sand.  The town is a perfect picturesque setting for its creative shops with gently sloping hills and tropical landscaping, winding cobblestone roads and original store fronts resembling a Norman Mailer painting.

For shopping enthusiasts, this quaint town offers such variation that it rivals some of the world’s most popular art towns with its many original creations and unique specialty stores. The welcoming merchants of La Cruz shops are unassuming and relaxed – and ready to share their treasures with a smile.

Free Shopping Listings

La Cruz Huichol Art Gallery - Wayland Wright & Aruna Piroshki - 01 (329) 295-5367
Original Code / Portrait Painting - Marielena Capdevila vega - 322-147-6934
cafe Duendee - Pierre Cécillon (Wendy) - 322-159-9226
Metalico Art - ronald berg - 322-281-1265

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