Farewell to Philo Hayward La Cruz de Huanacaxtle

Saying Good Bye to Our Friend Philo Hayward

Dearly love, much admired, mentor to so many, and friend to all, it is with great sorrow that I report that Philo Hayward of La Cruz de Huanacaxtle unexpectedly passed away last Friday, September 4th.  I had only known Philo for 2 years, which is such a small amount of time in comparison to so many others. Many Banderas bay folks know Philo for his band, “Philo Hayward and the Shuffle Band” for the live music and fun times at Philo’s Bar in La Cruz. He had just received his Mexican Citizenship earlier this year and very proud of that. Philo also loved his tequila! During the short time I knew Philo he showed me great kindness, professionalism and honor. He was an excellent and genuine hugger; a person who really cared from his heart.  I witnessed so many different ways that Philo helped everyone who crossed his path, from large groups to individuals and I enjoyed writing about them. I was so blessed to be able to attend his 70th birthday party earlier this year with his La Cruz de Huanacaxtle neighbors and surrounding communities, where he was honored with so many plaques of appreciation and videos from those both near and afar who could not attend. Philo was deeply touched and looking back, this was such a fortuitous and presentiment sendoff to such a prominent part of his adopted land and the expat community
A vigil was held on Sunday with Philo’s casket placed on the stage at Philo’s Bar where he spent so many hours delighting folks with the music he so loved.  People came throughout the day and evening to pay their respects. On Monday, September 7th, a Mass was held at the Catholic Church in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle and his body was cremated.  His ashes are now back at Philo’s Bar surrounded by beautiful flowers and the things Philo loved in his life. The memorial service will be held on Friday, 9-11-2015 at 11am.  This will be a pot luck style and BYOB cruiser style. Live music will abound, and if you would like to enjoy playing with the band bring your instrument and voice.
Philo’s partner and love of his life, Maria Joaquina Sierra has stated many times, “We have lost the Captain of our Ship”. And that he was, “Captain of the Ship” for so many.  Many blessings of love go out to Maria and the children at this time. May you rest in peace Philo Hayward; and many blessings of grace for your transition.  Our memories of you will always live within all of us; your legacy never forgotten.
Here is an article where many of us wrote a tribute for Philo in the PV Tribune; and with a big thank you to our friend Cindy Bouchard for her words; editing and putting it all together.
Please Click here for the link to the article. http://issuu.com/vallartatribune/docs/962/12 

Visit Philo’s Bar in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle Nayarit, Mexico.


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