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Villa Amor del Mar - Cindy Bouchard - 322-127-5813

What’s Included in La Cruz Hotel Rooms

La Cruz Hotels range from apartment type to duplex style, including La Cruz Inns, and La Cruz Bed & Breakfasts. Many La Cruz Hotels have ocean view rooms and views of the La Cruz Marina.  With enough space to accommodate 1 to 14 people, most La Cruz Hotel rooms provide the essentials for sleeping and daily care; some even include minibars, coffee machines and small in-room refrigerators. Depending on the size of the La Cruz hotel or La Cruz bed and breakfast, they may have an on-site restaurant or breakfast room, and offer room service.  Rooms include 1 to 2 beds, either queens or Kings, (sometimes full sized in a Mexican flat) and normally include housekeeping services. Important details to consider is whether rooms have air conditioning, fans and/or sufficient ventilation and breezes, pools and oceanfront or ocean views, and long term rental options.


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