La Cruz Two Bedroom Rentals

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Miss Kitty's Casa - Carol - 604-938-9848
BHBH - Tim Seay / Long Term - 329-295-5805
Villa Amor del Mar - Cindy Bouchard - 322-127-5813

What’s Included in La Cruz Two Bedroom Rentals

With enough space to accommodate between 4 and 7 people, La Cruz two bedroom rentals are a nice choice for a family vacation or friends trip, or for La Cruz long term rentals.  Important things to consider are the location of the room, beach and ocean vies, or a La Cruz Marina view, and La Cruz beachfront rentals. The size of each room; number of beds per room; if there are convertible sofa beds or cots to accommodate guests; number of bathrooms (usually one or two); and if there is a kitchen or kitchenette stocked with utensils, dishes, and appliances should be considered. Other amenities to consider are whether housekeeping services are provided and if each room has an air conditioner, fan, or sufficient ventilation, like a wonderful La Cruz breeze.

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