La Cruz Non Profit Organizations

La Cruz Non Profit Organizations

The La Cruz non profit organizations and on the Riviera Nayarit, Mexico,  offer the Mexican nationals more opportunities for school programs, food, and clothing via fundraising and donations. Although the Riviera Nayarit is an abundant vacation location, only minutes up and away from the ocean are many that are needing medical help, food, clothing and care for their elderly, and are still living very much in a third world environment. Please, help if you can by donating your time, things you no longer need or donations of monies. Another way to help is to attend events that the local La Cruz restaurants and other businesses create, as they give a percentage to the La Cruz non-profit organizations. The Riviera Nayarit Fun Regional Network and our town pueblo website only sponsors the La Cruz non profit organizations that are financially transparent, and truly non-profit. Thanks to all of the people that donate their time and energy, and monies to help others in these La Cruz Non Profit Organizations.

Free Listings for La Cruz Non Profit Organizations

Amigos de La Cruz - Lori Wilson - 329-295-5502
Banderas Bay Design - Nancy Niccoli - 329-298-3735

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